Huddersfield woman who lived in a hut for six years now has a thriving six-figure holistic treatment business – YorkshireLive

A Huddersfield woman has created a successful business after ditching her job and years of living in a hut.

40-year-old Sam Clarke owns a six-figure Slaithwaite aromatherapy brand, Bliss Therapies. She worked as a therapist for years before finding the holistic treatment business eight years ago and committed her life to clinical aromatherapy. She said unlike “many” brands on the market set up by business-savvy people, her experience around the world has made her passionate about plants, products, and skincare.

Before starting her brand, Sam, who would make potions at home as a child, had 30 years of experience. She trained in Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand, before living in a hut for six years in an elephant camp.

Sam said: “From being eight years old, I have made products. I would make lotions and potions from flowers in the garden and then I went straight to college to learn aromatherapy.

“After working in spas and retail, I gave it all up and went travelling to Thailand to do extra training. While there, I volunteered at an elephant camp and ended up setting up an elephant conservation project, living in a hut for six years to be near the elephants whilst gaining more skills. This line of business is my everything and I’m so grateful to be growing a brand I’m proud of.”

Following her return, Sam set up her brand and was on the road to success, but lockdown propelled her business. During lockdown, Sam’s income was lost when treatments were no longer allowed.

She pivoted and started making candles, bath and body products and essential oil blends, sold via her growing Instagram following and her Etsy shop. After lockdown, Sam began trading her products in local shops and, whilst profitable, it was still a side-line business, until she joined business members’ club, Empire House.

Being exposed to other businesses in a supportive network, Sam was inspired to grow her income from products and underwent a rebrand with fellow Empire House member, Smith. Her products are now stocked at The Gallery in Slaithwaite and Curated By Anna, which she has created an exclusive candle and wax melt collection for.

Sam said her decision to rebrand and join Empire House were the catalyst to Bliss Therapies’ subsequent growth. She added: “Since being part of Empire House, I felt as though I blossomed within myself – it gave me a confidence to step up, because I knew I was in a supportive environment.

“I’m surrounded by people who are passionate about quality, ambitious, prepared to take risks and do things differently. People began buying my candles and products and recommending me within their networks. In addition to the product business I now do pop-up clinics, candle and product making workshops and offer one-to-one teaching, and my business has snowballed from there.”

There is a strong focus on sustainability. All packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable, whilst candles come with seeded paper, so customers can plant seeds in the jar after the candle is finished.

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