Pope Francis Calls for Prayer & Fasting for Peace in Middle East – 5 Tips to Help You Participate on Friday

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Pope Francis announced another day of prayer and fasting for an end to war in Israel: this Friday, Oct. 27.

Pope Francis stated,

“It will be a day of penance to which I invite sisters and brothers of the various Christian denominations, those belonging to other religions, and all those who have at heart the cause of peace in the world, to join in as they see fit.”

During the last few weeks, we have witnessed the horrendous terrorist attacks in Israel. While we may feel helpless, our Lord reminds us to “pray without ceasing.”

Catholics and those of other Christian denominations should be encouraged to participate in this day of prayer and fasting. While it may seem overwhelming, here is a quick guide to help you join Pope Francis. 

1. Don’t starve yourself.

Contrary to what many may believe when they hear the word “fast,” you are allowed to eat! The Church defines fasting as eating one full meal and two smaller meals that are not equivalent to a full meal. Do not make yourself sick, just be disciplined and mindful.

2. Schedule time in your day to pray.

We all have busy schedules, but dedicating time in your day to pray will help you fully participate! Make a note in your Google calendar or set an alarm to remind you. Whether you want to pray an entire rosary, just one decade, or create your own prayer, the goal is to just pray.

3. Attend daily Mass if possible.

Attending daily mass and offering the Eucharist for peace in Israel is a beautiful way to stand in solidarity with Catholics around the world!

4. Watch the vigil livestream on EWTN.

The one-hour prayer vigil will take place at 6 p.m. in Saint Peter’s Square. If you cannot attend Mass, praying alongside Pope Francis and hundreds gathered in Saint Peter’s is a thoughtful way to still be involved.

5. Encourage your friends and family to join.

Invite your friends, family, and members of your church community to pray with you. The tragic humanitarian crisis in Israel is ongoing, but there is power in prayer!

The bottom line: Remember why Pope Francis has asked us to do this. We do not need to understand every political detail to fast and pray for peace. As the death toll rises and we witness more brutality in the news, we have a duty to our brothers and sisters.

Surely, we can sit in discomfort and forgo a little time in our day to pray for those who have died, those who suffer, and for peace in the Holy Land.

Pope Francis stated,

“I urge believers to take just one side in this conflict: that of peace. But not in words — in prayer, with total dedication.”

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