Infections and deaths after vaccination

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E mail from CDC to CNN, Breakthrough infections

Vaccinated individuals who end up being infected = 5,800

About 1 in 13,275

A minimum of 14 days after their final dose

Asymptomatic, 29%.

Needed hospitalization = 396 (1 in 194,444).

Deaths = 74 (1 in 1,040,540).

CDC presently examining aspects.

May be more cases to report due to reporting lag.

From 77 million completely immunized.

( Fully immunized as of today = 80.6 million).

From trials.

Pfizer/BioNTech, 95% reliable in avoiding symptomatic illness.

Moderna, 94% efficient in avoiding symptomatic health problem.

Johnson & Johnson, 72% from United States data.

Qualities of breakthroughs up until now.

40% of the infections remained in individuals 60 or more.

65%, were female.

CDC is keeping an eye on reported cases for clustering by client demographics, geographic location, time since vaccination, vaccine type or lot number, and SARS-CoV-2 lineage.

CDC also continues to recommend individuals who have been fully vaccinated should keep taking preventative measures in public places, like using a mask, remaining at least six feet apart from others, avoiding crowds and badly aerated spaces, and washing their hands typically.

Dr. Carlos del Rio, Emory University School of Medicine.

Less transmission indicates less advancement cases.

There is currently a lot of transmission in many parts of the nation.

Vaccines will help reduce that.

Get vaccinated as soon as you can and assist manage this pandemic.

National Institutes of Health Director Dr Francis Collins.

Allow more time for scientists to investigate links between the vaccine and embolism.

and whether certain groups of people are more susceptible.

India, double mutation variant emerge.

Hey john thanks for the update. I am from Delhi, India and I have contracted the infection. Circumstance in India is really bad. Most of the hospitals are already tired and lots of people are passing away without treatment.

The India variant, B. 1.617.

E484Q and L452R.

First reported in India, late 2020.

Aparna Mukherjee, Indian Council of Medical Research.

has actually not been marked as a ‘variation of concern’ so as to say that it is more lethal or more infectious.


Very low prevalence in January.

April, 52% of samples sequenced.

Maharashtra state, 60%.

Has actually been discovered in 10 other nations, US, UK (77 cases) Australia and New Zealand.

( L452 from United States data, 20% more transmissible, minimizes antibody effectiveness by more 50%).

William A. Haseltine, former professor, Harvard Medical School.

The B. 1.617 variant has all the trademarks of an extremely hazardous virus.

We should do all that is possible to determine its spread and to include it.


Attempting to get more drugs from Spain.

Rio de Janeiro, health-care workers required to intubate patients without sedatives.

Neuromuscular blockers and mechanical restraints.

Doctors Without Borders.

More than 12 months into Brazil’s covid-19 emergency situation, there is still no effective, central and coordinated public health action to the outbreak.

The absence of political will to effectively respond to the pandemic is eliminating Brazilians in their thousands

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