Jared Leto jokes about his ‘ripe old age’ as he opens up about anti-aging secrets | The Independent

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Jared Leto is a man of many talents – consistently appearing youthful is one of them.

While promoting the soon-to-be-released Thirty Seconds to Mars’s sixth album, the 51-year-old musician opened up to E! News’s Francesca Amiker about the healthy-living practices that keep him looking young.

“The diet is mostly made in the kitchen at this old ripe age,” Leto confessed before pointing out how staying active was an important factor, too.

“You know I love to rock climb, I love the outdoors,” the A-lister known for posting peek-a-boo, shirtless pictures on Instagram continued. “I’m on stage with Thirty Seconds to Mars playing shows, so I’m pretty active.”

Though his advice may have seemed redundant, he intentionally teased just a few of his typical beauty points as the rest are said to be revealed in the band’s new release. “This is a very intimate, very vulnerable, very revealing album,” the artist admitted about the upcoming record It’s the End of the World But It’s a Beautiful Day dropping on 15 September.

“Love is war, some people would say. Love is complicated. Love is a delicate thing. But I did pour a lot of that into these songs,” Leto added. “I talk about those things pretty openly on the album.”

The Gucci muse spoke candidly of more than just his secret to keeping a boyish face. When asked by Amiker whether children were in the cards for him, Leto said: “I may have some out there, you never know.”

As a music icon, Leto is known by his cult following to be vulnerable and open in his songs. Yet, when speaking about the matters of his personal life, like his romantic endeavors, he tends to stay quiet.

With that being said, the Morbius star has been linked to a number of partners over the years. More recently, he’s been rumoured to be dating model Thet Thinn. Per a PageSix report, the two were spotted in Germany together at the beginning of June when Leto was there to interview with GQ.

In April, Leto and Thinn, 27, sparked romance speculation after they were seen out in Los Angeles together for a morning coffee run.

Before Thinn, Leto had dated famed women from Cameron Diaz to Katy Perry. However, his longest-running relationship was with Valery Kaufman, a Russian model. Though the pair never confirmed their relationship, they were often seen in public together for seven years starting in 2015.

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