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It’s not at all uncommon to meet a romantic partner at work, or even to end up marrying them. According to data from Forbes this year, a whopping 43 percent of people who said they dated a coworker said they’d married them. Love blooms amongst the reply-alls!

What we’d imagine is less common, though we don’t have a survey to back it up, is returning to the scene for the wedding itself. Here comes the bride, down an aisle between the cubicles. Tasteful LED desk task lamps created an illuminated runway with an ethereal glow, lighting her path to the break room. Guests wept into single-ply toilet paper. As the bride and groom said their “I dos” in front of the fridge with a reminder that “all contents will be thrown out 4:55 p.m. Friday, NO EXCEPTIONS,” that asshole Linda from accounts payable brewed her fourth K-cup of the day, muttering that she has just as much a right to be here as anyone else. Ain’t love grand?

However, Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola found themselves in a bit of a different situation at the outset of their romance, so it tracks that their wedding would be a different flavor too. After all, the two first met on the set of the series finale of Mad Men, where Hamm played Don Draper for seven seasons. In the last episode, Don, his life in shambles, visits a wellness retreat in Big Sur, California. (The finale was eight years ago, so the statute of spoiler limitations has expired. You’re fine.) While Don did yoga and evidently thought up an iconic ‘70s Coke ad (always be hustling, right?), Hamm himself met Osceola, who played retreat receptionist Clementine in a one-off role.

That was in 2015, but the romance was evidently not immediate—Hamm and Osceola didn’t make their public debut as a couple until 2020, and announced their engagement in February 2023. And on June 24, the two returned to that same Big Sur hilltop and tied the knot. Unlike the other workplace wedding we dreamed of, nobody had to wear blue light-blocking glasses to ward off the 2 p.m. crankies.

Hamm’s Mad Men co-star and friend John Slattery was in attendance, as were Paul Rudd, newlyweds Billy Crudup and Naomi Watts, Tina Fey, and Brooke Shields, among others. Osceola reportedly walked down the aisle to the classic James Bond theme “You Only Live Twice.” Let’s raise a glass to these two kids, and to long-suffering HR professionals everywhere!

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