Juicing for Diabetes- Yea or Nay?

Juicing for better absorption of nutrients, juicing to get more nutrients in a “smaller” package, juicing to relieve the gut from having to digest fiber, juicing to “cleanse”….what’s the story on juicing, and is it helpful for people with diabetes. See what Toby has to say.


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You’ve probably heard or seen a lot of magazine articles or tik tok or Instagram posts encouraging juicing as the next best thing for staying healthy. Let’s look at any pros and cons through my science- based dietitian lens. Thanks for tuning into DiabetesEveryDay. Please make sure to subscribe and sign up for my newsletter on DiabetesEveryDay.com.
Juicing is when you extract the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. Some people say they like juicing as a way to get a bunch of nutrients from produce in one glass. They do this either because they aren’t a fan of eating fruits and veggies or think that by making these fruits and veggies into a liquid form, they will absorb the nutrients better. Some people tout that you should take part in a juice cleanse for increasing immunity, weight loss, and detoxing. One post I saw thinks there’s a benefit because your “gut doesn’t need to digest all that fiber.” I need to emphasize the word “think” because there is no science to back this up. In fact, I just posted two videos on the incredible science-backed benefits of eating fiber and noted in those videos that only about 5% of Americans actually get enough…..does it seem that we should be actively looking for ways to reduce fiber then?
About the “cleanse.” Well, your body, thank goodness, is set up to automatically cleanse your system. If you have a digestive tract, your body goes through 5 steps of digestion when you consume food. And… the natural cleanse part comes when the food (protein, fats, carbs, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and water pass through for elimination. Wala we all go through a natural cleanse. As a dietitian I was scratching my head reading about one commercial “3-day juice cleanse” because the company recommends a 5 to 7 day “transition” before doing their juice cleanse by…quote… “eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible.” Hmmmm.
If you are someone who does not like eating fruits and vegetables blending fruits and veggies can be an option. Making a “smoothie” which has you blend produce (using all the edible parts) is a chance for getting all the nutrients and fiber. For those of you who have been diagnosed with diabetes, make sure to check your blood sugar before and two hours after you drink your smoothie to see how it effects your blood sugar. I’ve posted a video about smoothies and a second one with my favorite smoothie recipe.
Again, my message, not only for people with diabetes, but for everyone….. getting enough fiber each day is important. Make sure to check out those videos I mentioned ….. “A better F word for diabetes management” and “Boosting Fiber in Diabetes-Friendly Meals” to get more specific details on the importance of fiber and ideas on how to include fiber foods in your daily eating plan. One hint, fiber is especially important for people with diabetes to help slow down the carbohydrate absorption and by including foods that are high in soluble fiber you’ll feel fuller, and these foods can help lower your cholesterol.
I’m hoping this video has shed some light about juicing. Several of my videos, including this one, are filled with information that you can use whether you have diabetes or not. Until next time, cheers to your health (with a no calorie, no carb beverage that is). 😊

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