La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait Is an Anti-Aging Powerhouse – Robb Report

Regardless of how many skincare products I’ve got in rotation on my vanity—and for a grooming editor, it’s always a ton of products—I will always make room when La Prairie launches something new. That’s no knock on the other brands, but La Prairie is like having Denzel Washington present at the Oscars: You gotta put the crème de la crème front and center.

My latest centerpiece is the brand’s recently launched Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait, a fortifying serum that glistens as it moves from its blue vessel to the fingertips and towards the skin. This eye-catching sparkle is due to the science behind the product, which allows its oil and water components to coexist while still remaining separate from one another (but in a uniform way, not in the way most products actually separate when shelved). You might think you’re applying something with tiny tactile beads, but it’s this scientific separation, which all dissolves as you layer it onto the skin.

As the name suggests, this product is part of La Prairie’s unmatched Skin Caviar collection, which harnesses the age-reversing powers of caviar extract—an ingredient whose benefits, according to the brand, can rival retinol. The serum is designed to keep skin smooth, firm, plump, and bright. As someone who believes a serum is the best way to get these benefits—because these formulations will seep further into the skin than standard moisturizers—I believe this is the collection’s most exciting addition yet. If you’ve been thinking about fillers, or worry you may need one in the future, this is a terrific way to stay ahead of the curve, by bringing the actual curves back to your natural facial contours. 

I prefer to apply it in the evening, when it can sync with my body’s regenerative cycle to maximize its powers. I do find that, in the short term, my complexion appears more radiant, but that’s not the primary goal here. This one is about the long game, I’m hoping it’ll mean I won’t have to rely on a trip to the dermatologist’s office to deal with the most visible signs of aging—because, with consistent use, they may not show up to begin with.

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