Today Primal Tube is Sharing Silica Skin Benefits & Foods Rich in Silica. Silica is a trace mineral found in human body also known as beauty mineral which benefits by stimulating healthy growth of bones, hair, nails and skin. For More Watch Full Video.
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0:00 Intro
0:07 What Is Silica?,Silica Benefits For Body
0:51 What Is Collagen?
1:23 Tomato Skin Benefits
1:41 Celery Skin Benefits
2:02 Beets Skin Benefits
2:18 Cucumbers Skin Benefits
2:36 Raspberries Skin Benefits
3:01 Carrots Skin Benefits
3:23 Peppers Skin Benefits
3:50 Alfalfa Skin Benefits
4:07 Romaine Lettuce Skin Benefits
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Viewers are subjected to use these information provided on Primal Tube on their own risk.It is really important for everyone to consult their health care professional.
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Wish You Good Health
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