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The province has opened its first detox beds for not just Yorkton, but the entire southeast region of Saskatchewan.

Monday afternoon, it was announced that six new short-term detox beds have opened at Bruno’s Place in Yorkton.

While other detox centres like the federally-run Walking Buffalo Detox Centre in Cote operate in the area, this is the first time that the province will be funding these spaces in Yorkton and area.

The commitment totals $335,000 annually, moving forward. These six spaces will now operate within the shelter’s existing ten beds, and won’t add capacity currently.

8 and half months ago, CTV News published an investigation into the lack of mental health and addictions resources within the community of Yorkton.

Angela Chernoff, who is the coordinator at Bruno’s Place, said there’s quite a different feeling in the community now.

“I am feeling much more hopeful for the future,” she told reporters following the press conference.

“I really believe with the community, with the SHA (Saskatchewan Health Authority) partnership, we can continue to move forward with the continuum of service.”

That continuum of service includes clients who are looking to get sober, as Bruno’s Place will be able to offer more supports to guide them in the direction for help.

Pre-requisites for entering facilities like rehab centres include mandatory time spent detoxing, and Rural & Remote Health Minister Everett Hindley said opening these beds in Yorkton assures some clients will be able to access services right away, and right at home.

“They’re all intertwined, it’s all connected,” said Hindley.

“Looking at geographic locations, other regions in the province, asking those questions about Yorkton and this part of Saskatchewan. It was identified that this would be an organization we’d be able to partner with to help add these additional detox beds to build up some of that capacity in the province.”

Chernoff said she hopes to at least double the capacity of Bruno’s Place to 20 within the next year, with those six detox spaces set to open immediately at the shelter on Dominion Avenue.

So far in 2023, at least 263 individuals have died due to drug toxicity in the province, according to statistics from the Saskatchewan Coroners’ Service.

According to the service, at least 15 individuals have died due to drug overdose in Yorkton since 2020.

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