The 3 Best Core Exercises [Do These Every Day]

These are the 3 core exercises you should be doing every day.

Enhance your movement and power with efficient core exercises! Discover the importance of tailored core exercises as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to engaging all the muscles surrounding your spine equally. Renowned spine expert, Dr. Stuart McGill, has identified “The Big 3” core exercises that efficiently target these areas while minimizing stress on injured or irritated back regions.

In this enlightening video, we’ll delve into these three key core exercises:

1) Curl-Up: Strengthen your core with controlled spinal flexion, engaging specific abdominal muscles.

2)Side Plank: Improve lateral stability and activate the muscles along the sides of your core.

3)Bird-Dog: Enhance spinal stability and coordination by challenging the muscles in your back and abdomen.

Join us as we demonstrate proper form, discuss variations, and provide valuable insights on incorporating “The Big 3” core exercises into your training regimen. Subscribe now to our channel for more expert guidance and training tips, empowering you to maximize strength and optimize your overall performance.

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