The PERFECT 5 Minute Posture Routine To Increase Your Height

Are there exercises we can do to grow taller? Yes! That said, you’ll only become taller in the sense that you’ll reveal your natural height. Many of us sit for most of the day. Over time our bodies will learn to become extremely efficient sitters and lock us up in a hunched over, head forward, position. This reduces our height. There is, however, a 5 minute solution that can help improve your posture, undo the “damages” of prolonged sitting, and maybe even help you grow taller. Today I’ll show you the exact posture correction exercises and how to use them to grow taller in just 5 minutes.

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First, let’s do a quick overview of the routine and the science behind how it helps you grow taller. If we take a look at the most common sitting posture, you can see how certain joints get locked up in poor positions. To improve our posture and relieve stiffness, we want to look for exercises that not only move these joints in the opposite way, but also strengthen the weakened muscles needed to keep the joints in the proper position for good. We’ll apply this concept to the three most common problem areas, and the areas that affect your height the most — the back, the shoulders, and the neck.

Let’s start the process of helping you become taller by focusing on your back. The first exercise, thoracic rotations, is going to help improve your ability to rotate your mid-back. Next, we’re going to use the cobra pose to focus on extending your back out of its rounded position and strengthening some of your back muscles. This exercise is a great option to do so because the entire body is almost completely reversed in this stretch position when compared to a typical sitting posture. Now guys, before we move onto the shoulders, I want to emphasize that while these exercises may look easy when I do them, it took me a long time to improve my mobility to get to this point. Many of you will find them quite challenging when you actually try them, so don’t worry if your form doesn’t quite look like mine yet.

Alright, so now that we’ve unlocked the spine, we’ll be better able to work on your stiff shoulders that are rounding you forward into a locked up position and also contributing to your forward head posture. The first of the exercises we’ll use to help you grow taller is the over-and-backs. These will focus on loosening up the shoulders.

Now that we’ve temporarily loosened our shoulders up, we’ll be able to better target your weakened back and shoulder muscles. To do so, we’ll use what I call reverse wall angels. When done properly, you should feel this in the muscles of your mid back and shoulders. If you feel this more in your upper traps, try performing it on the floor or a on a bench instead as your mid-back muscles may not yet be strong enough to perform this upright. If on the other hand you find it easy, you can add pulses to each part of the movement and even add a bit of weight in your hands.

Finally, we’re ready for the last piece of the puzzle, the neck. What we need to do is actually pretty simple. We just need to strengthen the deep muscles in your neck that have become weak and are failing to do its job of keeping your head in its upright position. As for the specific posture correction exercises you’ll use? Well, there’s only one. And although it may not look pretty, it’s extremely effective and can be done anywhere. It’s none other than the chin tucks. When done properly, you should feel the deep muscles under your chin working.

Now, let’s cover how to implement them for the best results. You’re going to do each exercise for 1 minute. Within that minute, take it slow and try to do as many quality reps as you can. Quality is more important than quantity.

Here’s how to grow taller in 5 minutes:

Exercise 1: Thoracic Rotations (30s per side)
Exercise 2: Cobra Pose (1 minute)

Exercise 3: Over-And-Backs (1 minute)
Exercise 4: Reverse Wall Angels (1 minute)

Exercise 5: Chin Tucks (1 minute)

Implement this 1-2 times a day, make an effort to get up and move more, and you’ll very quickly feel and see a difference. Don’t forget to measure your height before and after as well, and leave a comment below if you managed to gain an inch or two. If you didn’t, don’t worry about it. Embrace your height, ignore anyone who puts you down about it, and enjoy the many other benefits this routine has to offer.

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