The Weekend Workout | Crawl, Roll + Squat | Learn Fun Skills + Play with your Strength | Week 6

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Good morning! You are invited to join us at our Saturday morning routine. Join us live as we sip our coffee, (playgrounds roast of course) and work in our mobility and bodyweight strength routines.

Crawl, balance, roll and move to change your body awareness and strength in a morning routine filmed live on the weekend — yet, perfect for any day of the week.

Improve the nitty and gritty parts of fitness with simple exercises for core strength and suppleness and attend to the Wrists, ankles and joints of the body for a coordinated and slow approach to improving posture at rest and performance

We hope you have had fun while working on your fitness. Please join us next week for live streamed kettlebell classes to improve endurance and strength, and our weekend workout practice where we invite you to play with your strength — and build your core and coordination to master the handstand.

Stream live, or in the archives and from the gym or at home — we wish you enjoyment in your training pursuits, and that you return for next weeks episode to continue moving in all the ways — for always.

Take care, stay strong, let’s train again soon,
Ian and Lauryn

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