This Will Cure Your Bad Breath For Good!

Oral Probiotics Can Cure Bad Breath

Hey just warming up here and once I bust some competition, so a big fan of college football.So I really love the spirit of the competition and to see the strategy and the plays the teams make to hold out and beat each other.But today, when I talk about, is the competition going on in your mouth right now that competition is causing you to have Bad Breath and I’m gon na tell you exactly why and it’s not reason do you think it’s not necessarily how you brush or floss or The type of toothpaste you use or type of chewing gum you like it, has to do with bacteria.Now in each of our mouths, we have billions of bacteria, definitely the dirtiest place in our body.That’S billions with a beat, so I’m gon na draw a picture here.Talk to you a little about how that works.So this smiley face on my left represents good bacteria.Look at the kind you want this angry face on my right.That represents the bad bacteria.

Bad Breath Cured with Oral Probiotics

So simply put if you have Bad Breath, you have too many of these too much bad bacteria.It’S also the same bacteria that can cause tooth decay.Cavities gum, disease, mouth cancer can be the same ones that cause Bad Breath.So the simple solution is, we need to get more leads.We need to turn one smiley face into many smiley faces.We can’t totally eliminate the bag, but we can reduce them to a smaller size, all right Sophie.We have to have bacteria our mouths, definitely the dirtiest place in our body, but the reason you have bad bacteria isn’t necessarily because of your grandma or grandpa, or because your parents had bad teeth or Bad Breath back.A lot of recent studies are finding that genetics.Don’T have nearly as much to do with it as environment do so the environment by mental factors.We’Ve got three big ones, one is smoking, two is antibiotics and three is diet and hygiene all right, so smoking, antibiotics and then diet and higher views and things.

Oral Probiotics Can Cure Bad Breath

We do at home those have the biggest impact on how much good or bad bacteria we have so fries down.One by one.Smoking smoke kills it’s bad for our blood, it’s harmful our mouth.It can cause mouth cancer, so smoking can kill a lot of bacteria and the problem is it’s killing the good ones.You can have no problems with Bad Breath.Second, one antibiotics: this is one not a lot of people know about, but we’re seeing more and more problems with antibiotics.So when you take an antibiotic, the problem is it’s non-selective, and what that means is that an antibiotic targets, all bacteria – it kills everything.It’S not selected, and so once you finish the antibiotics, whatever bacteria gets in there.First, it’s gon na win.If it’s bad, you can get overgrowth, you can have problems, you can eat infections in your mouth, other parts of your body skin and we’re finding that microbiome inside of our digestive system, our skin and especially in our mouth, has a lot to do with our lifestyle.

Oral Probiotics Can Cure Bad Breath

Our happiness, how we feel or overall health, so last one is diet, hiking, okay, flossing and brushing are very, very important drinking lots of water, but also the type of foods we eat.If you have ever heard of prebiotics those are foods with special types of fibers like healthy vegetables, that actually help the good bacteria grow.They feed the good bacteria to reproduce.We have to have a good bacteria to be healthy.Not only does it benefit our mouths benefits our nose eye throughout our respiratory system.Finding more and more research is proving this, so I’m telling the secret to get more of these good bacteria and they’re called probiotics and the specific type of Oral Probiotics.So there are, you, may have taken or heard of probiotics for digestive health could be in a pill form or in the different types of yogurt or supplements, and those are good for our digestive system.But an oral product is different.

Oral Probiotics Can Cure Bad Breath

It’S specially formulated with the bacteria that we need in our mouth and usually you chew these up or they’re in a powder form that you put in your mouth and they dissolve and release lots of the good bacteria.So, if you’re having problems with Bad Breath, if you have problems, gum disease or every time you go to the dentist, you feel like you have cavities, you should look into an oral probiotic.I’Ve been watching these for about six or seven years and right now, I’m finding there are more and more great studies coming out proving how well these work.If you’d, like some more information, you can click on the link below you can get touch with me or read some more on our website hope this helps and, as you start to use a probiotic as part of your home hygiene regimen, you should have a healthier Mouth, you should feel better and be being more disease-free, and if you keep up with it, you can cure that Bad Breath.Thanks for watching

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