UCC researchers are seeking volunteers for a study about diet, gut health and the brain

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Eating is part of our daily routine, and what we eat influences our lives in many ways.

At APC Microbiome Ireland, a world-leading SFI Research Centre headquartered in University College Cork (UCC), researchers are thinking all the time about how food can influence the brain.

Dr Elizabeth Schneider and Mr. Aimone Ferri are leading a study investigating how diet affects the brain and gut health of healthy adults between 18 and 50 years old.

Recently, the bacteria, fungi, and viruses that reside in our gut (the so-called gut microbiota), have been recognised as a key player in contributing to our overall health. The aim of the study is to investigate how the food we eat influences the composition of the gut microbiota and how these microbes communicate with the brain.

How can I participate?

As part of the study, researchers are seeking volunteers who will participate in two visits at UCC where a comprehensive assessment of stress, mood, cognitive function, and a dietary interview will be carried out.

After the second visit, eligible participants can take part in a dietary intervention that includes personalised resources and recipes from a registered dietitian. Expenses will be covered.

“We all know that in some way the food we eat influences our mood,” says Dr Elizabeth Schneider, psychologist and postdoctoral researcher at APC Microbiome Ireland.

“By doing this study, we want to take a scientific approach to untangle the relationship between food not only with mood, but also with cognition and stress. That is why we will have different cognitive tests to investigate the brain’s functions, in addition to analysing gut microbes.”

Aimone Ferri, dietitian and doctoral Researcher at APC Microbiome Ireland, says: “We already know that different diets and foods influence the composition of gut microbiota, but we don’t yet know all the details and how specific diets can influence the brain through this gut-brain communication. For eligible participants, we aim to provide specific dietary advice to explore this aspect”.

To find out more, please email the study team at [email protected].

Pictured above: Dr Elizabeth Schneider, Postdoctoral Researcher and Aimone Ferri, Doctoral Researcher

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