Weight Training for Beginners & Seniors // 20 Minute Workout to Build Strength

Thanks you for joining me for this 20 minute all standing strength training workout. It’s perfect for seniors and beginners. All exercises in this strength building workout are osteoporosis friendly. There are no moves that involve twisting the spine or rounding the spine. Let’s build some strong bones!
This workout program:
30 seconds upper body exercise
30 seconds lower body exercise
30 seconds combination
We complete just 6 rounds in this pattern with 15 seconds rest between each segment.

I’m using 5 pound weights in this workout. Please use whatever weights you have and are comfortable with. If you have light dumbbells you may go faster than me. Or if you are using heavier dumbbells you may go slower than me.

I hope you enjoyed this workout! Please let me know what you think in the comments. I love hearing from my viewers!

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