Wellness by Nathan Hill review — paleo-diets and juicing journeys

Wellness by Nathan Hill review — paleo-diets and juicing journeys Future historians, read this book. Anyone minded to write one of those big, popular Sandbrooky-style social histories should pick up a copy of Wellness , a crackling, witty chronicle of the world of the urban creative classes from the 1990s to now. Everyday middle-class life, it’s all there: parenting fads, food trends, the ubiquity of tattoos, health crazes, vogueish kitchen designs, the experience of using porn in the dial-up days of the internet, the crappiness of modern universities, how algorithms run our lives. In Nathan Hill’s second novel we meet Jack and Elizabeth. They fell in love — deep, deep romantic love — at college in Chicago in the early 1990s. He was a nervy, unsure kid from Kansas studying photography; she was an over-achieving

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