Your Dog May Live Longer Thanks To New Anti-Aging Pills

One of the saddest days in a dog person’s life is when their pet passes away. It’s unfortunate, but it is part of the reality of owning pets, which is that they don’t live a long life compared to human lives.

Of course, we do what we can to ensure our pets are happy and healthy, but we still know they will pass far too soon. However, that may be changing, thanks to some advancements in medical technology.

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There is a new pill heading for the market that promises to increase the lifespan of your furry friend, and we couldn’t be happier. It is coming from a startup, and it isn’t only good news for the dog; it might have benefits that could also help humans.

Loyal is the name of the company working on the pill, and they are hopeful that it will have much to offer. Before you get your hopes too high, there haven’t been any clinical trials to prove the results yet, but veterinary medicine shows that the meds can help your dog live longer.

One crucial factor that goes into the pill is plenty of research. Loyal is looking at some older animals and various breeds to see how this and other meds affect them.

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There are two different options they are considering at this time. LOY-001 is given to larger dogs every three to six months. Larger dogs often live shorter lives.

The other is LOY-002, which is given as a daily pill and is provided to healthy older dogs. Both of the meds could be available as early as 2024 or 2026.

Another factor that is being monitored closely is how the medication affects the dog’s genetics. The drugs can impact the DNA in dogs to make changes that could be positive. The type of change is known as epigenetics.

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In a Loyal blog post, Zane Koch explained: “DNA methylation is one of the many types of epigenetic modifications added to DNA that control which parts of the DNA are active in a cell.” He spoke about how DNA changes are closely linked to aging.

Not only may the pill give dogs a longer life, but it could also help to improve their health.

Koch said: “At Loyal, we are building advanced tools that leverage our unique dog epigenetic datasets to predict health, longevity, and improve drug development.” They hope that this can also benefit humans.

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