5 Surprising Benefits of Celery Juice

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There are many benefits of drinking 100% raw and organic, cold-pressed celery juice.

1. Cancer fighting antioxidants – Celery juice can repel cancer cells and is loaded with cancer-fighting compounds.
2. Reduces cholesterol levels – Because it contains a compound which has been known to aid a decrease bad cholesterol levels.
3. Lowers blood pressure the compounds found in celery juice help lower blood pressure by reducing the buildup of fatty deposits within the arteries and increasing the elasticity of artery walls
4. Reduces inflammation -Drinking celery juice has been shown to reduce symptoms associated with gout, heart disease, cancer and more.
5. Boosts weight loss – Celery juice amps up your digestive system and helps remove toxins, preparing your body to receive good nutrition.
6. Strengthens bones – Celery juice is rich in vitamin K, which is required for bone metabolism and provides protection against developing osteoporosis.
7. Aids digestive system – It stimulates stomach acid, which protects the stomach lining, helping your body get rid of waste.
8. Eases bloating
9. Heals acne


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