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A glass of juice a day keeps all those calories away! That doesn’t just apply to apples you see! Ever felt that overwhelming disappointment when you fail to fit into your old pair of jeans? Have you been avoiding the weighing scale like a plague? Well, I can totally empathize with you, but closing your eyes to reality won’t change it. Running away from your problems will do you no good, an actual run, on the other hand, might help! But with the super hectic schedule, that seems like a vague possibility. Don’t worry, though; you can still get rid of those extra kilos! A glass of juice made from fresh green vegetables in the morning is the perfect way to kick-start your day. Let’s talk reality for a second here, only drinking a glass of juice in the morning won’t magically give you that hour-glass figure. Yes, it cleanses your body of the many toxins but that does not mean you’ll give up on exercise. Get one thing straight; there is no easy way to lose weight, you’ll have to sweat it out! After a hectic day at work, it is evident that you don’t have the time or energy for anything else. The trick is to figure out the silver lining, a balance of sorts. Make a schedule and follow it religiously. It sounds pretty cliché, but there’s a reason people suggest that all the time, it is true.
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Drinking juices extracted from healthy veggies and fresh fruits is the new “in” thing. A-listed stars like Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kim Kardashian are die-hard fans of the “juice-diet. In fact, a stroll along the beverage shelves of groceries stores would have you believe that being skinny is no longer a far-fetched dream, with so many juice-based health drinks on offer. But is that the truth? Or are these popular (not to mention expensive) brands doing more harm than good? Research proves that only sticking to a juice diet won’t make a difference. It may result in some short-term success, after which the benefits tend to stagnate. Drinking vegetable juice has got to be viewed as an integral part of the whole fitness plan, and not as a standalone cure for your health troubles. No, I’m not any ambassador promoting any healthcare product. And corny as it sounds the fact cannot be denied that weight loss programs are not only about eating boiled tasteless food and biter vegetable juice and exhausting yourself out in the gym. It is all about your willpower to stay fit and healthy. Consuming vegetable juice should not be something forced upon you. Understand that it is for your own good. Have fun experimenting with the many permutations and combinations of vegetables and other supplements in varied quantities often lead to amazing (and sometimes disastrous) results. Now that you know all about the what, the how and the why; let us move on to the options that you have. Mentioned below is a list of some common vegetables that are great for your body. Read on to know their benefits and other perks Rich in proteins, minerals and calcium, Kale is definitely one vegetable that you should include in your liquid diet. This plant is full of benefits and is wonderful for your body. It is replete with iron and folate which are good for your eyes. High on fibre , kale is also pretty good for digestion and keeps your cholesterol levels in check apart from providing good cardiovascular support. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin K, Kale also prevents cancer and strengthens the bones. Overall kale is an excellent option for the wholesome growth of the body and your mental fitness. Cabbage leaves are not really the conventional juice material; they are used primarily in salads, but blending them is not that bad an idea. They are available in abundance and are very easy on your pocket as well! Also, cabbages have very high water content that keeps you hydrated and full . They are even rich in vitamin C and folates which boost your immunity and increase your metabolism considerably, helping you digest food faster. Also, cabbage juice helps prevent breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, etc. and is very beneficial for cancer patients. It is also an excellent way to reduce weight as it is calorie free and also helps to eliminate body waste.
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Celery is, I believe, one of the most underrated vegetables and is never given its due credit. It is not just aesthetically pleasing and used for garnishing this vegetable, but also has other benefits as well. Celery is very rich in potassium and has impressively high water content making it an ideal vegetable to add in your juice. It keeps you hydrated and energized throughout the day. Also, potassium is good for the heart and helps in skeletal and muscle contraction. It even contributes to the proper digestion of food. It is also rich in vitamin A while the roots contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, and C. Carrots are the most obvious choice for juicing and rightfully so; they are replete with benefits! The most emphasized of them being carrots are good for the eyesight. But that is not all! This pretty vegetable is easily available and quite affordable. Rich in Vitamin A , it prevents night blindness. Also the many antioxidants found in the carrot are a natural way of keeping your skin glowing and youthful. It cleanses your body of the harmful toxins and reduces the risk of cancer and other heart diseases. It boosts your immunity, and the fibre content takes care of the digestive system. Consuming carrot juice even keeps your cholesterol and sugar levels in check.
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Broccoli falls under the same group as cabbage and is often served cooked rather than juiced. Now, broccoli can be very unpleasant if consumed raw, so try mixing it up with sweeter vegetables like beets or carrots. Broccoli is very rich in iron, an important mineral that contributes to the production of blood. Also, the high folate levels help form DNA and help in proper brain functioning. It even keeps your eyes, skin, hair and liver healthy and functioning. The antioxidant purifies the body of harmful toxins and boosts immunity. High on vitamin K, it even helps in blood clotting and strengthens your teeth and bones Sweet potato, a very pleasant name right? Well true to its name it has a sweet taste and is very good for the body as well. It has a very low-calorie count and helps fight obesity . Also rich in vitamin A and C, sweet potatoes improve the eyesight and boost immunity. It even contains good quantities of folate, iron, copper calcium and fibre. It improves digestion, increases metabolism, strengthens the bones, help in making more blood and even fights cancer. Also, folate contributes to the overall mental and emotional well-being. Popeye was right you know; spinach really does make you strong and healthy! A green leafy vegetable that is replete with vitamins and minerals, spinach offer some solid-liquid nutrition. It is loaded with amino acids, potassium, iron, iodine, and vitamins A, C, K, E and B complex. It maintains the pH level of the body and is a very rich source of protein. Plus, it prevents arthritis from afflicting the bones. Also spinach is especially good for you if you want muscular growth. It helps in weight loss and is very good for your skin, hair and eyes. It even fights cancer cells. Rich in fibre, spinach boosts your metabolism and improves the digestion as well Dandelion is one such weed that is surprisingly very beneficial for the body. It is no more a hindrance that needs to be plucked out of lawns. The antioxidants present in dandelion greens are wonderful for curing allergies and maintaining blood sugar levels. They even contain high levels of calcium, iron, minerals and proteins. It strengthens the bones and helps in the overall growth of the body. Dandelion greens even fight obesity as they have very low calorie count. Rich in vitamin B , these green leaves when consumed in juice form instantly energise the body and detoxify the body as well. They are also very beneficial for the kidney and the eyes. Wheatgrass is another popular juicing option that is good for both the taste buds and your body. It is known for its effective healing properties and is even very rich in minerals and vitamins. An excellent source of vitamin A, B-complex, C, E, I, and K, wheat grass even has very high levels of proteins and 17 amino acids! Consuming a concoction of wheat grass is very beneficial for you. Replete with so many qualities, it improves eyesight, strengthens bones, purifies the body of toxins, improves metabolism, boosts immunity and also helps in proper digestion. Phew! Is there anything this amazing vegetable cannot do! The first and foremost criterion that you must keep in mind is to buy veggies that are one hundred percent organic. And what you get at supermarkets is anything but that! It is futile to waste your money on the processed and packed vegetables available in the marts. Don’t fret; just ensure that the vegetables that you consume are all fresh and natural. It would be best if you buy fresh vegetables straight from the farm or country markets. A glass of fresh vegetable juice keeps you energized throughout the day. Also don’t trust those juice bars and counters that you see on the streets. All those boards claiming to offer “100% organic and natural juice” are but a farce. Do you throw away the pulp and only drink the juice? If yes then you’ve been doing it all wrong the entire time! Discarding the pulp is a bad idea because it contains all the fibre, the best part about the juice. The pulp is the nutrition and the liquid extracted is the water part that keeps you hydrated. If you do not like the texture, the pulp adds to the juice you can always blend it properly to make a thick, rich smoothie. The pulp is also rich in many antioxidants and vitamins that are necessary for your body. And the fact that it is very good for your skin and hair is an extra bonus! If you are going to consume vegetable juices, do it properly. Your aim is to lose weight and not gain extra pounds; adding sweeteners and artificial flavours only spoil the nutritional content of the juice. It tastes good but becomes useless. These artificial sweeteners and sugar have very high-calorie count; no wonders, using them defies the whole purpose! The best way is to keep it natural. That doesn’t mean you’ll blend them raw; some veggies need to be cooked or soaked in water before boiling. The various branded juice boxes that you find in the supermarket are all adulterated and flavoured. Trust me; they are not “100% organic” as they claim to be. Yes. That’s the harsh reality you have to come to terms with before you commence your diet. Remember that old philosophy of “no pain no gain”? Well, that doesn’t just apply to working hard at a college or on your career. Set your priorities and stick to it. Some vegetables don’t score all that much on taste but have very high nutritional value and consuming them would be good for your body. So I’d say just suck it up and dunk it all down! The discomfort you’ll feel is momentary, but the result makes it all worth it. If there is any consolation, you can always mix and match the different veggies or team it up with some fruits to make it bearable Just because it has to be healthy does not mean it cannot be tasty. Yes, the health factor does hold high priority, but the taste comes only secondary. Contrary to the popular belief, not every vegetable is an enemy of your taste buds. Spare your tongue the horror of the bitter or extreme tastes and add some healthy supplements to your juice to make it drinkable. Also, some vegetables are naturally sweet such as beetroots and carrots. Just avoid anything that’s artificial and you’ll be fine. For effective results, you’d have to consume 2-3 glasses of juice per day and consistently. Drinking something that is unpleasant is not the way to go about it.
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The best part about vegetable juices is that you get a lot of options and have a lot of scope for experimentation; use this to your advantage. No need to follow the recipe book word by word. You can always alter a few ingredients to your liking. Make sure you get a decent juicer that allows you the flexibility of fooling around with some crazy recipes. Add lime, a pinch of salt and pepper, or other fruits, and curd, etc. to add a bit of flavour to your drink. Be innovative and explore the many options available to create unique and healthy vegetable juices and smoothies. Mix and match the vegetables in different proportions and get a myriad of tastes and colours! Yes, vegetable juice need not be only green, you can always drink a rainbow! The Omega J8006 is a real masticating juicer powerhouse. Juicer Review Juice yield Medium Cleaning Easy, < 5 min. Best for Leafy Greens, Vegetables, Fruits, Wheatgrass, Nuts, Berries, Before you start with any of the experiments on liquid nutrition with your new juicer , keep in mind these ground rules. A list of dos and don’ts to avoid any unnecessary glitches. The vegetables we talked about in this guide are just some of the awesome foods that are good for your body and lend themselves easily to be consumed in the form of juice and pulpy extracts. Drinking vegetable juice can really help you keep your weight in check only if you consume it in correct quantities. Also, it’s not an overnight process; it takes time. There will be times when you would want to give up-don’t. Have patience and be consistent in your workout and these vegetable juices will eventually work their magic! Also, it’s not an overnight process; it takes time. There will be times when you would want to give up-don’t. Have patience and be consistent in your workout and these vegetable juices will eventually work their magic!

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