Breakfast Brussels Sprout Hash

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Flavors, colors, and textures abound in this easy stovetop hash. Composed mainly of Brussels sprouts and butternut squash, this dish is packed with healthy nutrients for your diet. The hash can be enjoyed by itself or with soft-cooked eggs cooked right into the skillet.

If you love breakfast hash and are really into sweet potatoes, you’ll also love this breakfast sweet potato hash with sausage.

Brussels sprouts tend to be a little bitter, so for this recipe they are balanced out with salty bacon and sweet butternut squash. Brussels sprouts usually get a bad reputation as being everyone’s least favorite vegetable. But they are actually one of the coolest vegetables to buy at the farmer’s market; if you’ve ever seen them on the stalk you will know what I’m talking about.

They are also really, really good for you. They contain more vitamin C than oranges, along with having vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, and tons of fiber. If you have not tried them since you were five and swore off Brussels sprouts forever, I recommend giving them another shot.

A feature that I really love about this breakfast hash (besides the incredible health benefits of sprouts) is that only one pan is required for cooking.

Preparing and chopping the vegetables takes a little time, but cooking everything together makes this a straightforward recipe.

The hash can be served one of two ways. Once the Brussels sprouts are done cooking, the crumbled bacon can be stirred in and it can be served as a side dish. Or you can make small wells in the skillet and add in eggs to make it a breakfast meal. If you do add eggs, cover the skillet until they are set and then serve.

The vegetables on the bottom of the skillet develop a delicious caramelized layer while the eggs are setting, one of my favorite parts of preparing the dish this way. This flavorful breakfast hash will change your outlook on Brussels sprouts.

P.S. If you’re obsessed with brussels sprouts like me, you’ll also want to try this warm brussels sprouts salad with mustard vinaigrette:

Breakfast Brussels Sprout Hash

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