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There’s an epidemic of itching, oozing, scratching, uncomfortable, suffering, allergic dogs. Is your dog one of them? Then you’ll want to know what’s going wrong and how to make it right.

Allergies are one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases in dogs today. And if your dog has this problem, you know how hard it is to treat. 

That’s because conventional medicine only treats dog allergy symptoms, not the cause. Your dog’s distressed eyes, ears, feet and belly are not the disease …they are the signs of bad gut health in dogs. 

Researchers are learning more about the microbiome … and the strong link between dog gut health and allergies. 

Good Health Starts In The Gut

There’s a colony of bacteria that lives throughout your dog’s body. But the most important bacteria live in your dog’s intestines and gut. That’s the microbiome. The gut microbiome contains 100 trillion organisms. And they outnumber your dog’s cells by 10 to 1. The microbiome plays a huge role in your dog’s immune system. It’s estimated that about 80% of the immune system is in the gut.

The microbiome contains good and bad bacteria along with yeasts, other fungi and viruses. The good bacteria are probiotics. They balance the microbiome and repopulate the colon with healthy bacteria. They protect the body from bad bacteria, yeasts and viruses. But when there isn’t enough healthy bacteria to fight off the bad guys, your dog suffers.

Most conventional allergy drugs, prescription diets and treatments destroy the delicate balance in your dog’s microbiome. They kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria. That makes your dog more likely to suffer from allergies and autoimmune diseases. Veterinarians prescribe drugs to help but they cause illness instead.

Why The Microbiome Is Important

The bacteria and microorganisms of the microbiome have important functions in your dog’s body:

A healthy microbiome means a healthy dog. But if the bad bacteria gets out of control, they’ll survive by attacking your dog’s body. And that weakens your dog’s gut health.

6 Ways to Damage Your Dog’s Gut Health

The balance between the friendly and harmful bacteria in your dog’s microbiome is easy to upset. Here are some causes. 

The Leaky Gut Epidemic

Harmful bacteria left unchecked causes leaky gut in dogs. Leaky gut is when holes develop in your dog’s gut lining … allowing bacteria, fungus and undigested food particles to “leak” into the bloodstream. 

When these substances get into the bloodstream, they cause the immune system to attack and neutralize them. But sometimes the body identifies its own tissue proteins as a foreign invader. And then it creates antibodies against itself. This is the cause of autoimmunity and allergies.

Bacteria passes through the gut lining. Then it travels to the liver, kidneys, heart and other organs. From there bacteria causes chronic inflammation and disease. 

Dog gut health and allergies are closely connected. But leaky gut is at the root of much more than allergies and hypersensitivity issues. It can create autoimmunity, which causes countless common health issues including:

Researchers are learning more about the delicate balance of bacteria within the microbiome. And leaky gut has become one of the most common and preventable diseases in dogs (and humans).

Can Allergies Be Related To Gut Health?

If leaky gut is causing your dog’s allergies, it’s dangerous to treat his skin conditions with antibiotic creams and steroids. And it’s pointless. Prescription allergy diets are also futile. They’re loaded with carbohydrates and preservatives. These are the exact things that cause leaky gut … so they cause more harm to dog gut health and allergies won’t improve.

Do Probiotics Help With Allergies In Dogs?
Probiotics play a huge part in dog gut health and allergies. But there are several other things you need to do as well. So if you want to get rid of your dog’s allergies for good … stop treating his skin and destroying his immune system – and start treating his gut!

Here’s how to fix leaky gut in dogs …

10 Steps To Fight Leaky Gut

FOUR LEAF ROVER RECOMMENDS: Heal your dog’s gut with Gut Guard. It’s a veterinarian-formulated probiotic blend with organic herbs and foods that soothe your dog’s gut. Buy Gut Guard now >>

So if your dog’s allergy symptoms aren’t improving, go to the source of the problem and start treating his gut. Ditch the risky allergy drugs, anti-itch creams and prescription kibbles. Stop undigested proteins and harmful bacteria from leaking through your dog’s gut. Then his immune system isn’t called into action instead of his digestive system.

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