Health Benefits of Juicing: Unlock the Power of Fruits & Vegetables

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John from shares the health benefits you can get from juicing fruits and vegetables based on science and his experience.
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In this episode, John will share his top 10 benefits of juicing that you will get if you start drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices every day in your life. He will educate you about why it works, and how juicing works as well as share his favorite juicer with you.

You will learn from John’s 28 years of juicing and 25 years of selling juicers, so you will learn why everyone should juice to eat more fruits and vegetables.

You will discover how many customers have used their juicer to heal from disease, lose weight, improve their microbiome, have more youthful skin, improve their immune system, get better hydrated, and much, much more.

After watching this episode you will learn how and why juicing works and some of the health benefits you can get by making and drinking fresh juice every day.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 Episode starts
00:20 Benefit of Juicing
00:40 This is Why Juicing Works
01:27 Juicing is Part of a Healthy Diet
03:18 #1 Eat more Fruits and Vegetables
04:13 #2 Improve Your Health
05:13 #3 Juicing Helps You Lose Weight
06:39 #4 Juicing Gives You More Energy
08:04 #5 Juice is Better than a Multivitamins
09:37 #6 Better/Easier Absorbed than Eating Whole Food
11:20 Juicing has benefits you won’t get from eating whole food
11:37 #7 Helps You Stay Hydrated
13:36 #8 Helps You Look Younger / Have Nice Skin
14:52 #9 Improve Your Immune System
15:53 #10 Helpful to Make Other Dietary Changes
17:27 Why People Get Health Benefits from Juicing
19:27 I use this Juicer 90% of the time
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