Kamal Elgargni Says He Would Do Masters Olympia “If The Prize Is Right”, Argues Against Return Of Bodybuilding Legends

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Kamal Elgargni has his eye on Masters Olympia, questions why famous competitors would return.

Kamal Elgargni is preparing for the Arnold Classic but recently had some comments on another event that is making a return in 2023. Elgargni explained how he would do the Masters Olympia “if the prize was right.” He also questioned why some of the legendary bodybuilders would want to make a comeback.

The Masters Olympia is set for Aug. 25-27 in Romania. The organizers of the show recently announced that the prize purse would be $229,000. At the time of his comments, Elgargni did not know what the amount would be.

Elgargni is a former 212 Olympia champion that has made the move to Men’s Open. He competed at the 2022 Tampa Pro and Texas Pro in back-to-back weekends. Now, he will take the stage in Columbus.

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Kamal Elgargni: “I Would Love To Do Masters Mr. Olympia”

Kamal Elgargni commented on the potential of doing Masters Olympia in a recent YouTube interview. He expressed interest in the show and also wants to compete in Tampa once again.

“I would love to do the Masters Mr. Olympia. You never know what’s going to happen in the road but yes it is a good title. We don’t hear much about it at the moment. We don’t know what’s the prize money. I hope they do something good that makes people [want to join]. At the end of the day, it’s a business. It’s work. It’d be silly if you’re spending more than what you’re getting.”

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Elgargni believes that the prize should reflect the work that is put in by each competitor to become stage-ready. He knows what that is on a championship level and would want any winnings to be worth it.

Also, Kamal Elgargni questioned why some legendary bodybuilders would want to return to competition. He admitted that “it’s coming to his end that 100%.” Elgargni highlighted bodybuilders, such as Jay Cutler, who have made money in retirement building different business ventures.

“What are they going to come back for? Especially these people now like Jay, they made their money, they have their own business. To be honest, at time, even for me like I’m doing it now with what I’ve got and my family and everything.”

The Masters Olympia has an official date, location, and prize. What we don’t know yet is the roster that will take the stage. It will be interesting to see who will compete for the return title in Romania.

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