The Western Banking System is on the Brink of Collapse

There is virtually nobody in either the corporate or alternative media these days who are not warning about the serious problems with U.S. and European banks today. Even if a U.S. debt ceiling agreement is reached this week, it will not save the banking system.

I am highlighting two new articles published today that reveal just how dire the current banking crisis is, and what may be lying ahead in the not-too-distant future with a new financial system rolled out and the implementation of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

First, Pam Martens of Wall Street on Parade reports on a new IMF projection for the U.S. economy.

IMF Says Fed Will Have to Remain Tight at 5 ¼ to 5 ½ Rate Until Late 2024; Warns of “Unpredictable Consequences” to Banks

Last Friday, at the start of Memorial Day weekend, researchers at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released an analysis of where they think the U.S. economy is headed and the headwinds (read gale force winds) that can, potentially, be expected along the way.

Folks on Wall Street who were hoping that the Fed was at the end of its rate-hiking cycle, with a more dovish Fed juicing stock market returns later this year, likely had their holiday weekend ruined with this projection from the IMF.

Between March 10 and May 1 of this year, the second, third and fourth largest bank failures in U.S. history occurred: First Republic Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank, respectively. (Washington Mutual was the largest bank failure in 2008.)

Thus, it is no surprise that the condition of the balance sheets of banks in the U.S. received a significant amount of attention in the recent IMF report – as did the timidity of federal regulators to do anything more than destroy a forest of trees interminably writing warnings to troubled banks while taking no concrete action. (Read the full article.)

Next, Sam Parker, writing for Behind the News Network, just published a 2-part article titled “They’re Coming for Your Money.”

He reports how the two families that control western banks, the Rockefellers in the U.S., and the Rothschilds in Europe, are planning on bringing down the entire western banking system to implement the “Great Reset” and roll out programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Some excerpts:

The War on Cash

In August of 2016, Kenneth Rogoff, former chief economist of the IMF ( a Rothschild entity), published a manifesto called the “Curse of Cash”, an elite step-by-step plan to eliminate cash entirely. The war on cash and the rush to negative interest rates are advancing in lockstep, two sides of the same coin.

Before cattle are led to slaughter, they are herded into pens so they can be easily controlled. The same is true for savers. To freeze cash and impose negative interest rates, savers are being herded into digital accounts at a smaller number of megabanks.

Today, the 4 largest banks in the US (Citi, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo) are bigger than they were in 2008, and control a larger percentage of the total assets of the US banking system. These 4 banks were originally 37 separate banks in 1990, and were still 19 separate banks in 2000. What was too big to fail in 2008 is bigger today.

Then we have the humble ATM. Consumers have been lulled into believing cash is readily available by swiping their bank cards at these cash machines.

Is it really?

ATMs are programmed to limit withdrawals on a daily basis. If the daily limit is $1000, banks can easily program the machines to drop the limit to $300, enough for some food and petrol. It’s even easier to turn off the machines, as happened in Cyprus in 2012 and Greece in 2015.

This overview shows stock exchanges can be closed, ATMs shut down, money market funds frozen, negative interest rates imposed, and cash denied, all within minutes. Your money may be like a jewel in a glass case at Cartier; you can see it but not touch it.

Savers do not realize the ice-nine solution is already in place, waiting to be activated with an executive order, a few phone calls, and the tapping of a few computer clicks.

The new practice of papering over recurrent crisis peaked in October 2008, when Washington guaranteed every bank deposit and money market fund in America. The FED printed trillions of dollars to prop up American banks and arranged tens of trillions of dollars of currency swaps with the ECB. The ECB needed those dollars to prop up the European banks.

Even with all the cash injections from the FED, the banking crisis was getting worse. Losses on the derivatives books of banks were just becoming too big to “conceal”. Profit margins were declining. Good quality customers were becoming an endangered species.

In short, the Western financial model was not working anymore, in the traditional sense.

The phenomena of “zombie” banks and companies entered the financial lexicon. A “zombie” company is one where the business is kept alive only through debt- and debt at a very low price. With the recent interest rate hikes, the “zombie” companies are dead. The same applies for the banks- especially those not in the Rockefeller orbit.

By late 2016, the stage was set. Systemic risk had grown to alarming levels. The symptoms were seen in the financial systems of the US, Europe, Japan, and China. The ice-nine apparatus was ready to seize the largest global banks, freeze money market funds, close exchanges, limit cash, and order money managers to suspend redemptions by clients.


Dear reader, by now, one has realized some basic facts. The US and Britain have lost. The “powers that be” in both are David Rockefeller Jnr in New York, and the 2 Rothschild cousins – Jacob in London and David de in Paris.

These 3, then, are the TRUE RULERS of the West, or Zone A!!

Underneath them, going down the chain of command are various players. These include the leaders in the world of business, finance, media and politics, etc.

This “lower level” is what you know as “THE DEEP STATE”. This DEEP STATE is answerable to the owners-the heads of the 2 families; where often, we ignore these high-, or low-level players within the deep state.

Rather, we focus on the heads of the 2 families, as well as on some of their key players- WHO ARE NOT PART OF THE DEEP STATE!

The 2 families are in a corner. They miscalculated. As a result, their hold over the world is slipping fast. Panic has set in. In such a state, expect hasty decisions with disastrous consequences. Their key public leaders make statements that are not rooted in reality. If these clowns are shell-shocked, it’s simply a reflection of their masters’ moods.

The heads of both families know that their financial division of the empire, which comprises of banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, investment companies, etc., will not survive this impending crisis.

Liquidity is vanishing. Interest rates are increasing with no end in sight. Unwanted dollars are returning to the US with a vengeance, unleashing inflation. This process is increasing, both in volume and velocity.

The world is de-dollarizing at a stunning speed. The world is beginning to trade in their own currencies. The demand for dollars is decreasing at increasing speeds.


The effects of this on financial markets are beyond anything that experts say. Rising rates is going to blow up the S2 quadrillion derivatives bubble, which means many more banks, will go broke- ala Credit Suisse and SVB. “The trend is our friend”.

Within a few months, the western financial system would have ceased to exist.

For the Rockefeller Empire, their global control rested on the Petro-Dollar and backed by the Pentagon. As we now know, the dollar is on its way out.

The Pentagon has been outclassed in technology, manpower and equipment. Not to count that the western industrial production base is barely existent.

The family has only one option to choose – eliminate cash, and replace it with a digital currency. Along with this option, David-through the UN/WHO agency (very much within the family orbit) will force the governments to accept a new treaty which puts the world into a “health prison”-with no way out. Both are intended to work hand in hand.

This realization led David Rockefeller Jnr to activate the “Digital Currency” con. That is when we move onto August 2019.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The G7 is a construct of the 2 families. Knowing that the financial system was on the verge of a blowout, the family brought about a new plan to control the coming crash, and to turn this into an advantage.

In August 2019, at the G7 meeting at the Rockefeller estate in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a plan was then put forth to the key people; – to replace cash with a digital currency.

The decision to introduce CBDC so-to-speak at warp speed was made at a Jackson Hole, WY, meeting in August 2019 by the Central Bankers of the G7 nations.

They voted on a financial coup which was “Going Direct Reset”. This was planned way ahead for at least the last 20 years, and now needed to be consolidated for the final stage of total and absolute financial control – the end game of the coming world tyranny by first applied by the Global North, where the impact will be greatest.

But, the weaponizing of money was not the only plan. David Rockefeller Jnr had a back-up option, in case the collapsing financial system ever needed it.

The family has been in the forefront of eugenics since the first decade of the 20th century. The details will be left for another article. Bio warfare is a Rockefeller family specialty.

In 2010, a report was produced by the Rockefeller Foundation, called “The Operation Lockdown”.

In August 2019, the Jackson Hole meeting takes place.  In September 2019, a repo crisis hit Wall Street.

In October 2019, three weeks later, at a meeting held in New York, David Jnr gave the go-ahead for the roll out the Covid operation. This was meant to shut down the global economy. Money was tight, Credit was scarce. Thus, by shutting down the global economy, any available credit was then allocated to save the banks, and the financial system.

A second  aim of Covid was then to herd mankind into an electronic prison camp, using the fear of health issues. What the Rockefeller Empire has to do to save their empire, means that the rollout of these plans have to be rushed, as time is not on their side. These are plans, not yet implemented.

WHO & The Covid Con

Two kinds of absolute controls are being prepared to implement The Great Reset, alias UN Agenda 2030. A potentially straitjacket and total control by programmable Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and an all-oppressive health tyranny by WHO, overriding national Constitutional rights and national sovereignty as far as health measures are concerned.

The former will be “managed”, coordinated and supervised for faultless implementation, by the so-called Central Bank of Central Banks, the Bank for International Settlement (BIS);  the latter by the 1948 Rockefeller-created,  UN-agency WHO.

Both are criminal organizations.

Simultaneously, an all controlling health tyranny is being prepared by WHO. The plan is that the new totalitarian rules – Biden Administration initiated revised International Health Regulations (IHR), including a new Pandemic Treaty – are to be ratified by the World Health Assembly, presumably by the end of May 2023.

If approved, by a two-thirds majority, by the World Health Assembly at the end of May 2023, the world (currently 194 WHO members) will be living under a “health tyranny”  the new rules will become effective in 2024.

The elite-the 2 families- who pretend to rule over humanity acts most silently from the shadows. The financial elite working for the 2 families call the shots.

WHO would have overreaching powers over otherwise autonomous countries, being able to overrule national Constitutions and decide whether a disease must be treated as a pandemic, i.e., with massive vaccination.

For example, WHO could decide that henceforth the common flu must be treated as a pandemic. Since “covid”, any “vaccination” will be the gene-modifying mRNA type; the very same viral-technology that has, with covid inoculations, caused already tens of millions of deaths around the world.

People have no clue that when they next take their kid for a polio, or measles vaccination, their child will be injected with a potentially deadly mRNA-type toxic solution, producing immune-averse spike proteins.

The real, potentially massive dying, of the coerced vaxx-campaign – will take place after three and up to about ten years from the beginning of the vaxx-drive. Injections of mRNA material into people’s bodies began in December 2020. We are now entering year three.

And hundreds of thousands, if not millions, around the world have already died due to the “vaxxes”, NOT covid.


This CBDC system is the last hope of the 2 families to save their empire. If this were to fail, then the next and last option left for David Rockefeller Jnr will be to initiate a nuclear war.

CBDC is a master control element, a stranglehold on the population. When bank after bank collapses, inducing fear and panic in the societies, then this would be the ideal moment to introduce at once in the Collective West, or Zone A – US, UK, Canada, Europe,  Japan and Australia – programmable Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). These countries’ combined 2022 GDP amounts to about US$ 50 trillion equivalent, almost half of the 2022 world GDP (US$ 103.86 trillion).

Within the shortest period of time, the western US-dollar-based economy’s debt could be wiped out with one stroke – with a new kind of money, the CBDC. With another stroke, the entire ignorant western population could be doubly straitjacketed – by WHO’s Health Tyranny, as well as by programmable CBDC.

It is high time that the people, around the world gain consciousness and become aware of the dictatorial measures waiting just a short stretch down road to be implemented.

Then, the bulk of The Great Reset / Agenda 2030 would have been achieved. Once that happens, it will be difficult to escape.

It is time that the people are prepared for setting up parallel governments –even at the municipal/community level, with local money, totally delinked from existing banking and central banks.

Read the full 2-part article at Behind the News Network.

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